Towards Healthcare Reform - Company Message
Heart of England Foundation Trust.  
                             What is Optimis? 

Optimis Health is an educational network developed by a Heartlands-based Respiratory Education Charity. Optimis Health facilitates healthcare reform to make it more patient-focussed, working with colleagues across professions.
Historically, commissioning bodies in the NHS in England have always focussed on theoretical contract discussions around ‘patient flow’.  In light of the recent and ongoing changes, it is likely that networks of front-line clinicians, interested in preserving and developing services for people with Long Term Conditions (LTCs), will increasingly face the challenge to build and inform clinical pathways. The current challenge of simultaneously improving quality and staying sustainable is unachievable without innovation and collaboration, as widely recognised (including the NHS Chief Executive Sir David Nicholson’s opinion as expressed in April 2013:     

  'Supporting practitioners to deliver services according to the NHS outcomes framework'.

Optimis Health aims to facilitate information exchange and education of such front-line clinicians to help develop patient-focussed services for people with Long Term Conditions.

 With £66 billion of the £110 billion NHS budget being spent on LTCs (largely fire-fighting through emergency pathways to make up for the lack of chronic care), it doesn’t need a health economic genius to realise that strategies of keeping people well in the community have to be the central theme of innovation.  In this context, most clinicians would generally agree that an ounce of innovative delivery is probably worth more than gallons of words and theoretical ‘pathways’. 
Optimis Health precisely facilitates and intends to facilitate such information exchange to help to keep people well in the community through sharing examples of good practice with clinicians to help them steer through the changes in the health service. It is a platform for information exchange and sharing examples of successful service development where change in practice has brought about improvement in quality whilst reducing costs (i.e. simultaneous improvement in quality and value). The themes of potential interest to forward-thinking healthcare professionals could be:
 a)      Specialist-led integrated care providing high-quality LTC-care in the community.
 b)      Development of one-stop clinics providing specialist “hubs” for improved community care.
 c)       Developing LTC services within acute hospitals to directly address the emergency pathways.
 d)      Sustainable multidisciplinary working to improve self-efficacy of people with LTCs.
 e)      Expanding earlier specialist input into LTC-care to prevent complications. 
 f)       Addressing the challenge of Multiple LTCs and the point of entry of palliative care. 
 g)      Bringing back generic lessons from International Health into improving NHS services.  
As part of its charitable objective of empowering clinicians to have a meaningful say in the delivery of care for their patients with Long Term Conditions, Optimis Health organises educational and stakeholder meetings to facilitate engagement and discussions.
Our mission: Optimis Health is a network of professionals committed to facilitating a movement towards rational  innovation in the healthcare sector. Our network is made up of experts with a wealth of international health experience and a solid understanding of the 'what works' model of integrated health care. By opening communication channels and providing a place to voice opinions and ideas, we expect to assist in facilitating change driven by healthcare professionals who value quality care above all else. In facilitating change, we aim to assist healthcare professionals to move towards delivering a service that promotes self-efficacy and care closer to home.
Our Ethos: Optimis Health is a strong advocate of appropriate change. Our key values include scientific and clinical integrity, education, transparency and communication
'Sharing best practice and research'.

The UK-wide healthcare reform hub. Facilitating changes linked to the NHS reform bill.
Psychologists, Psychotherapists, Nurses, Medics and Statisticians.
 'Working together to boost self-efficacy in the community'.
 'Supporting practitioners to deliver services according to the NHS outcomes framework'.

'Keeping people well in the community'.

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Optimis Health-The healthcare reform community.
Optimis Health is an educational network of healthcare practitioners working together to inform healthcare reform in the domain of Long Term Conditions. It is becoming apparent that networks of ...